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At the origin of BelleBulle, we find the founder Isabelle Roux, an agricultural engineer passionate about the wonders of the plant world. First and foremost a scientist, Isabelle infuses the brand with its spirit of uncompromising quality: with rigorous vigilance, it is essential for it to use only the highest quality raw materials.


BelleBulle is a brand that uses primarily active ingredients that are good for our skin, and are present in nature. They are constantly looking for plant raw materials which are the natural sources of the most appropriate active ingredients. The selected vegetable oils and butters are from organic farming. BelleBulle has chosen not to add concentrated active ingredients in order to maintain control over the extraction methods and solvents used.


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At BelleBulle organic cosmetics, it is above all a step, far beyond a simple logo: it is to design skincare products for the skin and the hair, healthy, by relying on natural assets contained natively in plants or products of the hive. All the vegetable ingredients used by BelleBulle are certified as being from organic farming (with the exception of wheat germ oil that does not exist in organic). The flowers and plants are grown by a couple of certified organic market gardeners, which allows a total guarantee of the quality and freshness of BelleBulle ingredients.


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BelleBulle has defined the rule of 3B, at the base of their business philosophy: Bio, Beau and Bon, to which all their care respond. The BelleBulle team is convinced that cosmetics must be transparent: everyone must be able to understand the ingredients in the products they use every day, and know their origin. Synthetic cosmetic ingredients, mostly derived from petroleum, are never considered.


Finally, BelleBulle focuses on the simplest products: the ones we use every day and have a real impact on our skin: To make you feel better every day with your skin, simply.


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