About us

The Belgian Cosmetic House

Boutique Cosmétique combines the strengths of a number of top brands by bringing them together under one roof. They are all specialized, refined and effective products. Brands that perfectly control the essence of cosmetics as a convergence where health, beauty and nature meet.

Products with just that little bit more

Another important factor of a good top product is and remains the person for whom it is intended. People know that a beautiful skin is in the first place a healthy skin and expect to know back what they have on their skin, where the products come from, what the story is and what valuable cosmetic brands there are that return to the natural, authentic and traditional healthy data. They expect products with that quality little bit more ... for a healthy, happy and comfortable feeling. Through our house, Boutique Cosmétique, we can already present to you a meaningful selection of extremely refined products and brands that also distinguish themselves by their philosophy, research, challenge and respect for people, animals and nature.

Born in the right environment

Our cosmetics, just like the other Belgian top products such as diamond, chocolate and specialty beers, are widely known for their sustainable quality and innovation. All products developed from in-depth research, a strict self-discipline plus a good portion of passion for perfection in order to arrive at a result that meets the strict European requirements and where the safety of use is ensured by an evaluation.

The ‘Boutique Cosmétique’ selection

The selection that we place in the spotlight is variable. Keep an eye on all the news via Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.